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Alright so my friend who is into spiritual stuff starts warning me that I need to protect myself because since my awakening I’ve been subconsciously releasing a ton of energy and he can sense it even when not around me. I’ve had problems with people who identify as demonkin in the past, and he told me it was only about to get worse. Later on, he mentioned that he had a former friend who identified as demonkin who would come into his dreams and fuck with his head. I thought, hey, what a cool opportunity to kick some demon butt, so I offered him help, which he turned down but said he might consider if it gets worse. Basically he didn’t want to become dependent on someone else for those things. Then he mentioned that I should get some obsidian to ward things off.

I went to bed last night and had a dream (I rarely dream, or at least rarely remember it) in which my friend was there. He was harassing me and I got that yucky bad dream feeling. However, somehow I realized that it wasn’t really him, and that it was a demon pretending to be him. No idea what led me to think that in the dream, but as soon as I thought that, all the negative feelings went away. Then, I did some ritual that I can’t remember (I don’t do magic so I don’t know why I would do that in my dream) and I woke up. Just… what?

I realize that a dream like that could easily just be because of the stuff he told me, but still.

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☆ Sunday, December 12, 2013 ☆ 9:40am ☆ 9 months ago

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